Anteater overview


org.apache.anteater.servlet This package contains the server-side part of the testing framework.
org.apache.anteater.test This package contains the top-level tasks and API that define the testing framework.
org.apache.anteater.test.handlers This package implements the ContentHandler adapter system for dynamically generating an Ant task's body.
org.apache.anteater.test.log Anteater's logging system.
org.apache.anteater.test.matchers This package contains implementations of matchers.
org.apache.anteater.test.meta Classes that deal with metadata about a script or Anteater itself.
org.apache.anteater.util This package contains various utility classes, many to do with the interaction between the servlet proxy and the rest of the testing framework.
org.apache.anteater.util.regexp Utility classes for playing with regular expressions.


Anteater overview

Anteater is a testing framework designed around Ant, from the Apache Jakarta Project. It provides an easy way to write tests for checking the functionality of a Web application or of an XML Web service.

Anteater is comprised of:

Ant Functional Tester -- see Project home page for details