Anteater mailing lists


by Jeff Turner

Mailing lists

Most communication about Anteater goes on through it's mailing lists, mostly aft-devel. You're welcome to join and lurk, have your say about features and future directions, or even get involved and help improve Anteater.

Developer list (aft-devel)

aft-devel is dedicated (but not limited) to discussing the development of Anteater.

To subscribe, go to

Commits list (aft-users)

aft-commits is where all the commit logs go. It's useful to subscribe if you are interested in what's going on in the CVS version of Anteater. Developers are strongly encouraged to be on this list.

To subscribe, go to

User list (aft-users)

aft-users is where users discuss usage issues. The developers also monitor this list.

Since Anteater is just getting started, it's recommended that users stick to aft-devel for now.

To subscribe, go to