by Ovidiu Predescu, Jeff Turner


Anteater was started by Ovidiu Predescu's need to have a testing framework for testing asynchronous Web services (those that send asynchronous SOAP messages between them, like ebXML and BizTalk), but also for testing Apache Cocoon.

Very early and extremely valuable feedback was provided by Jeff Turner. He later spent more time implementing new features and improving the general design and implementation of the code, and became an active developer.

Anteater would not have been possible without the Apache Ant project. Ant is a great little tool, very useful for robust software development. If you're not already using it, you should consider using it in your projects.

Anteater was inspired by Tomcat's 3.x HttpClient testing framework, whose primary author is Costin Manolache. HttpClient is still in use in the 3.x releases of Tomcat.

Anteater's listener facility would not have been possible without Costin's expert help, who fixed the major bugs in the Anteater code embedding Tomcat 3.3.

Anteater makes use of some Ant extension tasks, provided by the Ant-contrib project.

The following people provided valuable feedback, which helped improve the usability and stability of the code:

  • William Vambenepe
  • Shridhar Diwan
  • Bill Jones
  • Ivelin Ivanov

Anteater's primary developers are: