Anteater downloads


by Jeff Turner

Downloading Anteater binaries

Anteater may be downloaded from our Sourceforge host through these links, or alternatively from Sourceforge, at

Version 0.9.16 (released 2003-04-12)

Getting Anteater from CVS

While we endeavour to "release early and often", released versions often lag in features compared with the CVS head. This is one reason why you might want to obtain Anteater from CVS. To do so, type the following at the command-line:
        export CVSROOT
        cvs login
        type <enter>
        cvs -z3 co Anteater

The update system

Remember, if you already have Anteater 0.9.13 or higher, you may be able to automatically update your Anteater installation via the update system.